Refined Marijuana Shatter Stands as a Cleaner, Purer Option to Many Medical Users

Every plant varies internally in terms of the parts that it is comprised of and the composition of each. This is just as true of the marijuana plants of the hemp family that have attracted so much interest in recent years as of any others. The natural cannabinoid compounds that interest both recreational and medical users are not distributed regularly throughout the plant but, instead, are concentrated in particular areas on the buds formed by female members of the species. While other parts of the plant will generally exhibit some degree of cannabinoid content due to proximity, the buds of the plant will boast concentrations many times these numbers. Even if smoking the leaves of the right kind of cannabis plant might deliver a certain amount of relief to someone with a particular type of medical issue, there will always be better ways to address such needs.

Most who seek to control medical problems through the use of cannabis begin by obtaining and smoking harvested and dried buds. While this can be an effective option, many who persist with this style of treatment find that it makes sense to explore others, as well. Some long-term users, for example, have previously reported that a refined form of cannabis known as hashish has been even more effective at controlling or putting an end to their symptoms. Created by shaking resin-heavy glands from buds and then treating the resulting output with heat to form a dense, sticky mass, hashish has even higher concentrations of cannabinoid compounds than the finest cannabis in its untreated forms.

A newer and more sophisticated approach to purification yields even more impressive results. When separated glands are treated further in order to eliminate much of the inactive organic material they contain, the cannabinoid concentration of the final product can be improved by several times more. Known as marijuana shatter, this highly purified version of the plant is regarded by many medical users as being a cleaner alternative to smoking buds in their natural state. In addition to making it easier to deliver far higher dosages of the active compounds found in marijuana, the form known as shatter does so without subjecting users to as much in the way of potentially harmful tars that arise in the process of burning many organic materials.